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Wonderfoil - Aussie Decor Transfers

Wonderfoil - Aussie Decor Transfers

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Wonderfoil by Aussie Decor Transfers come in 7 gorgeous collections. Choose your favourite today. 🥰

Contains 10 Rolls. Each roll is 4cm x 100cm or 1.57" x 39.37"

- Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed with a water based sealer which has been left to dry overnight before applying the Aussie Wonderfoil

- Apply Aussie's Wonderfoil Size (glue) to the area you want to apply the Aussie Wonderfoil

- Let the size dry so that it is clear and tacky

- Once the size is tacky, place the Aussie Wonderfoil over the areas where you have used the size - the Aussie Wonderfoil needs to be shiny side up

- Rub the shiny side of the Aussie Wonderfoil using our Dry Rub Black tool, all over the area you have added the size

- Lift away the Aussie Wonderfoil. If you want to add more foil to your project, you can lay it down again and rub once more

- Seal with water based sealer

Please share your work using ADT's products in our Facebook group, Aussie Decor Transfers Creative Club. We love to see your creations!

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